Your Guide to  Marketing Excellence

Embark on a journey of radical insight and practical strategy with Epic Sparks, designed to equip founders like you with the tools to craft and share your startup's story compellingly. By the end of our Business and Brand Architecture Course, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit to guide everything from product development and organizational design to customer engagement and investor relations.

Course Highlights

Deep Dive Analysis
Uncover the defining elements of your startup by analyzing your market category, competition, communication strategies, and cultural trends.
Vision and Mission
Develop a growth-centric vision and a daily mission that encapsulates the significant change your startup aims to drive.
Marketing Blueprint
Forge a one-page strategic guide to steer your startup's crucial decisions.
Brand Manifestation
Define your brand's character, ensuring alignment with your new strategy, and revisit the fundamentals of your branding.
Implementation Tools
Create actionable tools for the day-to-day execution of your marketing strategy.
Valuable Extras
Access a pitch presentation template and a guide to develop your business values and principles.

What You’ll Achieve

  • Articulate a vision and mission that propels growth
  • Deeply understand your customers’ motivations and needs
  • Differentiate your startup from competitors
  • Master marketing planning for both short-term and long-term goals
  • Foster stronger connections with employees, customers, partners, and attract new talent
  • Capture the attention and support of new investors
  • Communicate with clarity and confidence about your startup's journey

Choose Your Path to Success

Basic Package:  Empowerment for Early-Stage Startups

  • ·      Tailored for startups between seed and Series A
  • ·      Comprehensive course materials, including videos, handouts, and templates
  • ·      Flexible timeline: complete in 1-6 weeks at your own pace
  • ·      Collaborative group coaching sessions
          (max. 5 participants per group)
  • ·      Expert guidance from coaches with a minimum of 10 years of experience
  • ·      Networking opportunities for peer support
  • ·      Certification upon completion
2.499, - €
per participant excluding VAT

Premium Package: Advanced Learning and Personalized Coaching

  • ·      All the benefits of the Basic Package
  • ·      Intensive 1:1 coaching sessions for personalized guidance
  • ·      Coaches with a minimum of 20 years of industry experience
3.599, - €
per participant excluding VAT

Course Profile

Give your startup a strong voice.
Are you a founder with an idea that will make a lasting positive change in our culture and society and would like to take your startup to the next level now?
Let's spark

* Epic Sparks typically works with solid, investor-funded startups that are in the growth stage or looking to take their business to the next level. The course works best for startups that already know their persona and competition and already have a proof of concept.