Creating a strong narrative for your startup
A series of provocative sessions

Business and Brand Architecture Course

Epic Sparks provides you as a founder a radical, unique, and practical perspective on your business. You will create the intentional narrative to tell your business and human story every day. To your clients, your teams, existing and future investors. At the end of the course, you have all modules you need to guide and inspire you in everything from product development decisions to designing organizational structures, from next day actions to ten-year plans, and from internal cultural behaviors to external customer engagement and investor pitches.

What is this course about?

Get a crisp view on your startup
First we help you extract the key elements defining your startup for others by diving deep into your category, your competition, the communication and the cultural trends.
Write a growth-enhancing vision and mission
Second we build on the most important change that your startup can help with an engaging vision and describe your daily mission.
Build a clear marketing strategy
Third we create a one pager of your strategy to guide your most important startup decisions.
Learn how to manifest your brand
In step four we define your brand character and review your branding basics and how these fit to your new strategy.
Deploy tools for the daily implementation
In the fifth step you create tools for the daily implementation of your marketing strategy .
Secure some valuable extras
The last step covers a pitch presentation template and a guide for the development of your business values and principles.

After taking the course, you’ll be able to …

  • build a growth-fostering vision and mission for your startup
  • identify the real motivation and needs of your customers
  • understand the key differentiators between you and your competitors
  • defining the change imperative for your startup idea
  • use tools to master your marketing planning from the daily to the yearly work and above
  • build stronger ties with your employees, customers and partners and attract new talent to your business
  • excite new investors for your business and your idea
  • communicating with clarity and security about your startup

Course Profile

Course Profile

Give your startup a strong voice.
Are you a founder with an idea that will make a lasting positive change in our culture and society and would like to take your startup to the next level now?
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* Epic Sparks typically works with solid, investor-funded startups that are in the growth stage or looking to take their business to the next level. The course works best for startups that already know their persona and competition and already have a proof of concept.